We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Indy Wholesale Invest, LLC.

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Nancy-Dito-Mark-BoganWe’ve been working with Ryan and his team about a year and a half. We decided to work with Ryan because of his ability to make us feel comfortable and confident about our journey into out of state investing. He put together a team for us that are next to none. We have complete confidence in every one of our team members.

Ryan and his staff’s knowledge and expertise of the Indianapolis market has taught us how to buy right, which is huge in this market! We’ve just finished purchasing our 2nd home and are cash flowing on both. We plan on continuing to do business with his team for a very long time. As a matter of fact, with the plan we have in place we should be buying quite a few homes within the next couple of months. And most importantly, all will be profitable. Can’t wait!!!

- Mark and Nancy Bogan

Chad-PittmanWe have used Ryan and his team as our exclusive broker in Indianapolis and have completed 17 transactions with them in less than a year. They have also been vital in building our Indianapolis team with referrals to contractors, property managers, title companies, and lenders.

- Chad Pittman

Ernie-VargasWe have been working together for about 7 months now. We have worked with Ryan’s company to provide homes to our investors and have been extremely pleased with their professionalism and attention to details. The most important thing that every household seeks in today’s new economy is cash flow and that is exactly what they provide for my clients and me. So for that reason it has been very easy to choose his company.

- Ernie Vargas

Jayne-HauckBecause of the great service, I feel comfortable buying out of state properties. The purchase was easy, the rehab quick and the property value was much higher than anticipated! We now have a fully rehabbed property with a great tenant and a positive monthly cash flow! We even referred a couple of our best friends that ended up using their services also. Thank you!

- Jayne Hauck

Donnie-LimeberryI have been working with Ryan Johnson for over five years. I started writing investment loans for Ryan and people within his circle. I was very impressed with their proficiency and business ethics. So, I knew this was the right team for me to obtain properties through and be reassured that I have proven experience on my side. I’ve purchased a handful of properties now and each deal has been successful. With his team you know that you’re not going to get any outrageous surprises or pitched an unattractive deal. What has attracted me most is that all the available transactions are successfully proven deals. Also, one of the best strengths is the overwhelming knowledge and support throughout the process.


- Donnie Limeberry

William-Vicki-ThompsonIn Fall of last year I spoke with Ryan and started working with his company. This was my first venture into this area of real estate so I was a little nervous. Ryan and his team were highly recommended by a colleague. They have been very helpful and explained things in a way that I could understand. They were very communicative about the process and how it works which helped me feel more comfortable, especially being an out-of-state investor.

I ran into a situation with one of my closings and Ryan and his team were very much an advocate for me. They communicated every week with me and helped me until the issue was resolved. I believe that their assistance in this matter was pivotal in helping to resolve things more quickly than would have been possible had they not been involved. I have a great deal of faith in Ryan, his team, and the quality of the deals they offer.

- William & Vicki Thompson

Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping me and my partner find and purchase an investment property in Indianapolis. From the beginning of the buying process to the final walk through and rental of the property. Your expert knowledge of the real estate market was very reassuring as this can be somewhat scary for out of state investors.

We were very impressed with the prompt, proficient and professional results in the restoration, rental and management of our new property. Our first mortgage payment is due on the first of the month and already we have a tenant. AGAIN THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

- Gregorio M. Barrientes