Real Estate Investing in Indianapolis

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  • Indianapolis is the country’s 13th largest city, the third largest Midwest City, and part of the 33rd largest Metropolitan Statistical Area with nearly 1.7 million residents.
  • Indianapolis has a healthy and growing economy and has diversified itself sufficiently enough to avoid much of the turmoil that has plagued other industrial-based Midwestern economies.
  • The primary industries include manufacturing, distribution, insurance, financial operations and agriculture
  • Indianapolis is home to pharmaceutical juggernaut Eli Lilly, as well as Allied Gas, and Allison Transmissions
  • Indianapolis is a distribution hub for the Midwest and is building a distribution center right outside of the city
  • Indianapolis’ population is projected to grow by 19% by 2020

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  • Indianapolis was ranked in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top three best markets in the country for real estate investment.
  • Indianapolis was recently ranked by in the top cities in America for “The Best Bang for the Buck Cities” and ranked number one in median house price/median household income
  • Indy was recently ranked number one by for the most affordable housing market in the United States
  • recently ranked Indianapolis as the most affordable U.S. housing market
  • Indianapolis has one of the highest monthly rent to price ratios in the nation (approximately 1% vs. a national average of 0.4%)
  • Indianapolis real estate has lower depreciation risk due to the following:
  • Indianapolis’ housing market did not experience the same boom that some cities did during the first half of the decade and Indy had a peak annual appreciation of less than 5% in 2005. This means the city has been pretty stable and predictable
  • The ratio of median income to median home price is an extremely high 0.37
  • Homes are currently selling for less than their replacement costs
  • The PMI risk index ranks Indianapolis as the fifth least likely metropolitan area to depreciate in the next two years

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